Modifications GGPT-0.25 TU 4854-026-54572789-16-for fire protection of a volume of 0.25 cubic meters, intended for stationary objects; GGPT-0.25 (tr) TU 4854-026-54572789-16-for fire protection of a volume of 0.25 cubic meters, intended for vehicles. Appointment GGPT are designed for extinguishing fires in various stationary electrical products of cabinet design and in rooms, provided that there are no people in the protected volume at the time of starting the generators. In addition to operating on stationary objects, GGPT has versions that allow their use for fire protection of engine, hydraulic, pumping and luggage compartments of vehicles for various purposes (automobile, railway, water, etc.). : GGPT is a compact, small-sized product that can be installed anywhere in the protected volume with any orientation in space. For the installation of GGPT, capital works, pipe wiring, and a complex valve system for starting and supplying gas extinguishing agent to the protected volume are not required. When operating at the facility, there is no pressure in the GGPT housing, so there is no need to constantly monitor the leakage of gas extinguishing agent in the generator housing, which is necessary in standard gas fire extinguishing systems, the GGPT itself is not subject to control by Rostechnadzor services. Thanks to the double cleaning, the gas extinguishing agent enters the protected volume with a complete absence of mechanical impurities. The GGPT is powered by a low-power electrical pulse (starting current 0.12 A). The designated period of operation of the GGPT without carrying out special routine maintenance is 10 years. When the GGPT is triggered, there is practically no recoil force, so no special measures are required when installing the product on the site. The possibility of application as an autonomous fire extinguishing device with widely used and inexpensive electronic launch units for autonomous fire extinguishing installations, for example, the signal-starting device autonomous automatic USPAA-1 TU 4371-032-00226827-99, the signal-starting device USP-101 TU 4371-004-21326303-96. The gas extinguishing agent does not have a negative impact on the performance of electronic equipment, which is confirmed by internal field tests.
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