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"Atom Antiseptic gel" (1L)

The product has powerful antiseptic properties. Effectively fights bacterial infections, viruses of various nature. It is intended for hygienic treatment of hands and surfaces. It has a pleasant aroma. Due to the fragrance, the sharp smell of alcohol is reduced. Dries quickly, leaving no stickiness on the hands and traces on objects and documents. After application, it leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin, thanks to the moisturizing ingredients. It is intended for use by employees of: hospitals and clinics, preschool and school institutions, social security institutions, perfume and cosmetics enterprises, public catering enterprises, employees of public utilities (including beauty salons, hairdressers, etc.), hotels, health resorts.

Ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol (70%), water of special purification, glycerin, thickener, preservative, fragrance, dye.
Price, without VAT:
4,55 $
Minimal amount:
from 10 piece.
Manufacturer country
Russian Federation
Cities of shipment of goods
Surgut, Russian Federation
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Phone +79227615185

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