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SYNERGETIC Liquid soap "Almond milk", 0.5 l

The biodegradable liquid soap SYNERGETIC "Almond milk" is suitable for gentle cleaning of hands and body from any dirt. Soft biodegradable detergents obtained from vegetable oils perfectly remove skin impurities without causing irritation. Natural vegetable glycerin in the soap protects the skin from dryness and provides an antiseptic effect, thanks to its antibacterial activity. The multifunctional component soforolipid takes care of the skin microbiome. Hypoallergenic fragrance based on essential oils of cinnamon, anise, santal gives the product a pleasant aroma that is suitable even for people with sensitive skin. Liquid soap is suitable for septic installations. Getting into the septic tank environment, it is "understandable" for microorganisms and easily breaks down into simple compounds.
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