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LLC "Kuroff" is a meat processing company. Kuroff is a producer of chicken and pork butchering, wholesale poultry and pork. Broiler chicken cutting, broiler chicken carcass, offal, chicken paw, egg, poultry meat, chicken, chicken fillet, chicken breast, chicken thigh, chicken drumstick, chicken wing, chicken leg, pork leg, pork carbonate, pork neck, pork half carcasses, kupaty, cutlets, semi-finished products. Our production is located in Yaroslavl. We are manufacturers and therefore we have the best prices and conditions for our customers. The chain of branded butcher shops "Kuroff" is located in Yaroslavl. The KUROFF company sells its products in large and small wholesale, we supply products for horeca. Kuroff products are made from the highest quality raw materials, fully comply with the requirements of GOST. Suitable for the most demanding customers.
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3,91 $
Manufacturer country
Russian Federation
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