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Signal vest SOP

Signal vest - lemon (100 gr.) - 2 SOP
(a wide range of PPE is available: overalls, aprons, bathrobes, nitrile gloves, leggings, raincoats, helmets, signal reflective vests, more details on the website: )

100% cotton, with a bright lemon coloring, the products are made in a woven way, dense fabric, 100 g / sq.m., with a central Velcro fastener, 2 horizontal SOP 50 mm.
GOST 12.4.281-2014
Safety vest - visibility from afar is high.
Each signal vest has an individual package.
SOP - reflective stripes.

Sizes:(width height)
S (40-42) 52*68 CM
M (44-46) 54*68 CM
L (48-50) 58*68 CM
XL (52-54) 60*68 CM
2XL (56-58) 63*68 CM
3XL (60-62) 66*70 CM
4XL (64-66) 70*70 CM

1) Each signal vest has an individual package.
2) The capacity of 1 box is 150 pieces of vests.
3) Carton size:
L- 25*43*60 see 14 kg.
XL- 25*43*62 see 14.8 kg.
2XL -25*43*64 see 15 kg.
3XL - 25*43*67 see 16.7 kg.
4XL - 25*43*70 see 17.5 kg.
Price, including VAT 20%:
1,43 $
Minimal amount:
from 30000 ruble.
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Minimum order amount from this supplier 78,05 $
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Thank you for choosing "ArtSIZ"! We work for you and always put your interests in priority. In order for the pleasure of cooperation to last as long as possible, we create the most favorable conditions, paying special attention to delivery and payment. Wholesale prices are valid for an order amount of 30,000 rubles or more. When ordering for less than 10,000 rubles, a retail margin of 20 applies % When ordering for less than 30,000 rubles, a small wholesale margin of 10% is valid.
Cities of shipment of goods
Moscow, Russian Federation
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