STREAM pump control device

The STREAM pump control, monitoring and protection device is a functional analogue of the SK-712 device manufactured by Wilo.

It is designed to control one double, two single or one single pump as part of the following installations:

- Circulation systems
- Pressure boosting systems
- Waste water removal systems

The device allows you to implement the following functions:

- Distribution of operating time between twin pumps or two single pumps
- Automatic switching in case of malfunction of one of the twin or single pumps
- Automatic two-stage control of the system of two single pumps or one double by signals from external sensors (floats, pressure sensor, daily timer, etc.)
- Manual start of pumps in test mode (up to 10 seconds)

Supply voltage: ~1 x 220V or ~3 x 380V

Maximum power of one pump: 5 kW (for built-in contactors) and without restrictions in case of using external contactors and current sensors.

The main advantages of the device:

- Automatic and manual operation of pumps
- Programmatically set parameters of pumps, levels and other system settings
- Display of technological parameters during system operation
- Fault alarm with the display of the corresponding code
- Connection of backup pumps in case of failure of working
- Cyclic switching of pumps to ensure uniform wear
- Connection to the operation of peak pumps by external signals
- Parametric current protection with current display of each motor
- Protection of motors from overheating using WSK or PTC contacts
- Level control by floats (up to 5 pcs.)
- Remote shutdown
- Accounting of operating hours for each pump


The device can be configured either by using the built-in control panel with a keyboard and a graphical OLED display, or by using specialized software that allows you to develop the necessary configuration on a computer, and then upload it to the device via the built-in microUSB port.

An additional expansion module with a built-in GPRS modem can be connected to the device.

The price depends on the number of ordered devices.
Price, without VAT:
1 136,58 $
Minimal amount:
from 10 piece.
Manufacturer country
Russian Federation
Cities of shipment of goods
Ryazan', Russian Federation
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Phone +79038374585

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