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Online service Opty allows you to purchase furniture accessories from Russian, Chinese and Turkish suppliers without intermediaries. It is enough to leave a request indicating the name of the products and their quantity to get offers from different companies-manufacturers, distributors, dealers. Suppliers offer different prices and terms of cooperation. You simply compare the received offers and choose the most suitable ones for the price and delivery time. Types of furniture accessories The production of modern cabinets, kitchen sets, sofas and other cabinet or upholstered furniture is not complete without the use of auxiliary elements-fasteners, mechanisms, guides and other accessories. All these components perform various functions: they provide noiseless opening of the doors, serve as supporting elements, play the role of retainers, etc. At the same time, all furniture accessories have not only functional, but also decorative value. Auxiliary elements are selected by color, shape and type of construction, taking into account the general style of furniture. Furniture accessories from the manufacturer Opty is an online platform where you can find a direct supplier of furniture fasteners and accessories. The absence of intermediaries in the chain allows you to speed up the delivery and avoid overpayments. With the help of the online service, you can buy a batch of accessories and fasteners of certain brands or pick up analogues. Types of hardware sold External-all kinds of handles, furniture locks, decorative linings, legs, wheels and other products that are installed on the front side of the furniture; Mounting and connecting hardware, ties, corners, suspensions, shelf holders, hinges, hooks, etc.; Sliding systems and profiles for wardrobes; Decorative elements-plugs, cable channels, linings, etc.; Transformation mechanisms; Storage systems-hooks, hangers, rods, pull-out containers, baskets, rails, organizers, etc. Favorable terms of cooperation Work directly with the supplier, without the participation of intermediaries; Direct communication with the seller directly on the site; Constantly updated product catalog; Secure transactions with support from the Opty service Various delivery methods and conditions