Turnkey timber houses in St. Petersburg

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Online service Opty is a universal trading platform where you can buy goods of various categories at wholesale prices:from office paper to ready-made kits for home construction. The finished house set of profiled timber includes the main structural elements of the structure in accordance with the selected project. The kit has everything you need for self-assembly of the structure: a wall kit, a binding beam, floor logs, floor beams, a beam for the construction of a truss system and a trim board for the crate. With the help of the Optymarket service, you can order a ready-made house kit for self-assembly at a wholesale price or order a house made of timber with turnkey assembly. Advantages of timber houses Installation speed. The construction (assembly) of a timber house can be completed in 3-4 weeks. Savings on the foundation. As a foundation, you can use screw piles. Since the structure is lightweight, the installation of a massive concrete foundation is not required. Environmental friendliness. Wood is the most eco-friendly and safe material ever invented by man. Save on interior decoration. By itself, the timber looks aesthetically pleasing, for finishing it is enough to sand the surface of the walls and cover with protective and decorative materials. Heat preservation. If the construction technology is followed, the wooden house does not need additional insulation. The tree "breathes", creating a favorable microclimate in the room. Disadvantages Wood is a combustible material, and also prone to rot. This is one of the significant disadvantages of houses made of timber, but this problem is easily solved with the help of antiseptic and fire-fighting impregnations. If we are talking about glued beams, then it is treated with protective compounds already in production. Shrinkage is another disadvantage of timber houses. This phenomenon is typical for all wooden buildings. Losing moisture, the tree tends to dry out, i.e. in the first 2-3 years, the structure sags a little and becomes smaller in size. Types of work Companies that are engaged in the manufacture and assembly of timber houses, offer two options for the construction of the structure: Under shrinkage. The walls and ceilings of the house are erected, roofing works are carried out, after which the structure is left for a year to stabilize the shrinkage processes. I.e., the customer is given a house with erected load-bearing walls, a rough floor, a truss system and a roof. Finishing is done after shrinkage. Turnkey. The house is built entirely from dry profiled timber of chamber drying with the use of "floating" joints, which allow to level the shrinkage processes. Windows and doors are immediately installed and finished. As a result, the customer receives a house that is fully habitable. How to order a house made of timber? First, you need to choose a reliable performer. Next, select the project and parameters of the future house. Determine the method of construction & mdash; turnkey or shrinkage. Enter into a contract, specifying all the key terms and conditions. Accept the job.