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Online service Opty will help you find wholesale suppliers of paint and varnish materials at low prices. Leave a request on the website to buy paints, primers, lacquers, enamels, anti-corrosion coatings, solvents and other products from this category in St. Petersburg at wholesale prices. Get offers from different suppliers, choose the most suitable conditions and conduct a secure transaction with the support of the Optymarket service. Almost all paints and varnishes presented on our trading platform are available from availability, so delivery in Russia will be as fast as possible. Large assortment Here you will find modern paint and varnish materials for solving a variety of tasks and different operating conditions. The catalog presents weather-resistant, water-resistant, heat-resistant, electrical insulation and other special coatings of Russian and foreign production at wholesale prices. The range of coatings is constantly expanding, suppliers regularly hold promotions. Stay tuned to buy paint and lacquers on the most favorable terms. Characteristics of the paintwork The main characteristics of paint and varnish materials include the following parameters: The viscosity or degree of fluidity of the paintwork. The viscosity is selected taking into account the method of applying the composition. Appropriate solvents are used to reduce the viscosity of the product; Hiding power is an indicator that determines the material consumption. Defined as the amount of paintwork required to paint one square meter of surface; Resilience-a parameter that characterizes the time during which the composition retains its performance characteristics; Adhesion & mdash; adhesion strength of the coating to the treated surface; Water and weather resistance-the ability of the coating to maintain its protective and decorative properties in conditions of high humidity and atmospheric exposure; Abrasion and mechanical resistance; Gloss level; Drying time Types of paintwork Lacquers are solutions of synthetic and organic resins, which, after drying, form a protective and decorative coating on the treated surface. Our catalog contains lacquers on different bases: oil, alkyd, bituminous, acrylic, epoxy, etc.; Paints are compositions used to impart protective and decorative properties to surfaces made of various materials. The most popular are water-based, alkyd, acrylic, oil, silicone and latex paints; Enamels are a paint coating that forms a vitreous film after drying. Enamel paints can be applied to different types of surfaces-wood, metal, concrete, ceramic, etc.; Primers are auxiliary compounds used to prepare the surface for paint application. The primer reduces moisture absorption and improves surface adhesion. There are deep penetration primers and universal compositions of wide application; Putty-a paste-like mass used to level the walls before applying the finish coating. Putties are produced on a cement, gypsum, acrylic, polymer and latex basis. Advantages of buying paintwork on Optymarket Paint manufacturers and suppliers from Russia and abroad on the same site Direct deliveries of any volume, without the participation of intermediaries Prompt delivery to St. Petersburg and the regions in all possible ways