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With the help of the Optymarket online service, you can buy all types of insulation materials for construction and repair at wholesale prices. Materials for heat, sound, hydro and wind insulation are sold on the Opty trading platform without intermediaries, with delivery to St. Petersburg and other regions of the Russian Federation. If you could not find the products you are interested in in the catalog, we recommend that you form an application, and the suppliers will definitely make you a favorable offer. Buy insulation materials directly from manufacturers, distributors and dealers at the best prices. Large assortment On the Optymarket trading platform, you can buy modern insulation materials in bulk from the availability and under the order without intermediaries. Here you will find insulation materials for solving various tasks: Thermal insulation materials with low and zero thermal conductivity, which reduce the heat loss of residential and commercial buildings, industrial facilities and aggregates. Thermal insulation materials can be in the form of rigid plates, loose, rolled, sprayed and fibrous products. The use of thermal insulation allows you to reduce the thickness of the walls being erected, which facilitates and reduces the cost of construction. The Optymarket catalog offers organic, synthetic and combined thermal insulation materials at wholesale prices. Sound-proofing materials used to reduce the level of noise entering the room. Sound insulation is supplied in the form of plates, rolls, substrates, sealants, tape, panels, foam, etc. Such materials have a porous structure, thanks to which they have a sound-absorbing ability. Waterproofing materials designed to protect buildings and other objects from the negative effects of moisture. Waterproofing is supplied in the form of rolled and sheet materials, mastics, sealants, solutions, films, etc.The most popular material for waterproofing work on roofs are viscous compositions based on petroleum bitumen. One of the latest developments in the market of moisture protection-hydrophobizers in the form of penetrating and enveloping liquids. Windproof-a compacted membrane used to protect mineral wool and other roofing and wall insulation from weathering. Vapor barrier films and membranes that protect the insulation and wooden beams from vapor saturation. The vapor barrier is supplied in the form of ordinary or reinforced polyethylene, in the form of rubber and foil material (reflective vapor barrier). Advantages of buying insulation materials on Optymarket Transactions without intermediaries. Minimum prices, additional volume discounts Assortment. Building Materials suppliers from all over the world in one place Purchase on request. Buy the right products in bulk on your own terms with fast delivery